Defined by extremes,
designed for the WORLD

Harnessing expertise Arctic have crafted for over 20 years to reward driving experiences with leading design and engineering born from our heritage of excelling at extremes. Beautiful modern design meets enhanced capability  with AT edition vehicles for the UK.

The Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux is a legend in its own right. Over the years we have evolved the Arctic Trucks Hilux range to be a superlative in four-wheel drive vehicles. The Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux AT35 has been developed using direct experience gained through decades of operation in some of the harshest and most challenging conditions in the world. As a result, Arctic Truck owners and operators can truly “Explore without Limits”.
Land Cruiser 150
The Toyota Land Cruiser is renowned for its luxury, reliability and off road capabilities combined with incredibly sophisticated handling on road. The Arctic Trucks engineers have made sure there is no compromise, so the LC150 AT35 must be one of the most capable 4 wheel drive’s on the market today.
Isuzu D-Max
The all-new Isuzu D-Max AT35 is a pick-up truck engineered to excel in the most arduous conditions, and is the result of technical collaboration between two respected off-road and pick-up specialists. Each AT35 is based upon the strong and durable D-Max pick-up, which is extensively enhanced by Arctic Trucks who inject 25 years’ experience of developing 4×4 vehicles capable of taking on the most gruelling conditions.
AT introduce several key hardware enhancements, ensuring extraordinary off-road capability, AT35 tyres with improved all-round grip in the most slippery conditions teamed with specialised suspension delivering an enhanced ride height.
Nissan Navara
Arctic Trucks have been re-engineering Nissan Navara AT35’s for many years in markets around the world, where drivers require vehicles with enhanced capabilities in challenging environments, something Arctic Trucks are experts at delivering.