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Having grown up in the countryside living on a farm, also living, working, studying agriculture in the USA I have developed a number of passions. Namely and in no particular order, Off roading, Overlanding, camping, Big machinery operating, BBQ and food. So when early in 2017 I happened to be driving through my local town I spotted an Isuzu Pickup with oversized tyres thundering down the road in the other direction my interest was perked. It wasn’t till the next day that I saw the same vehicle parked outside the Isuzu dealer, I had to pull in and enquire. This was my first introduction to Arctic Trucks UK. A quick test drive ensued and soon after I had placed and order for the Isuzu d-max AT35. At the time of order Arctic trucks Uk where not producing the Toyota models. My passion for food and BBQ continues as I own a food manufacturing business producing some of the finest Scottish traditional meat products, however with the arrival of the AT35 I could pursue some of my other passions. I of course went whole hog straight away kitting out the AT. Front A frame, Lazer lights, underbody protection, front 2” receiver, roll bar, roller shutter bed cover, tow bar, replacement tube side steps, etc.

It wasn’t long though before I realised that some of the extras just weren’t going to suffice for my overlanding, camping and off roading. So a RSI Smart canopy was ordered and off came the roll bar and roller bed cover. Also off came the A frame on the front as I kept knocking it whilst off-roading.. The lazer lamps were moved to inside the grill. Along with the canopy came the two Frontrunner roof racks to carry all the gear. A winch on a portable winch plate was added so I could winch from the front or back utilising the 2” receiver mounts. Power for this is fitted to front and back by the additions of Anderson plugs next to the 2” receivers. A spare tyre was then added, although I do have a mounted ARB air compressor and repair kit. Eventually the spare tyre will be carried on a swing away rear bumper mount. Along with a new front bumper incorporating recovery points once I can get one to match up to the correct width of the AT.

I have an auxiliary portable AGM 12v battery box in the bed of the truck charged through a Ctek Dc-Dc charger, that is used to power the portable diesel heater and any auxiliary electrical requirements. There is a lot more equipment in the vehicle but tom much to list. I have found however that all this extra gear added up to quite a weight so the rear leaf springs I have uprated to heavy duty ones. So all in all the truck is my toy, work horse, daily driver and adventure overlander. I may eventually finish it off, but like all things it will probably be a work in progress project. It does everything I want it too and more. Being a member of COTAG (community 4×4 response) I could do with some diff locks, but these are for a later date.


For three decades the legendary Toyota Hilux has been the backbone of Arctic Trucks’ operations, setting an unrivalled benchmark for quality, durability and reliability in the most remote and inhospitable environments on our planet. As the world’s leading polar vehicle operator, Toyota Authorised Converter Arctic Trucks have built an unparalleled level of expertise in the re-engineering of four-wheel drive vehicles to conquer earth’s extremes, travelling over 340,000kms on Antarctica’s high plateau alone, and continuing to set multiple world records and firsts in the process. These include the first vehicles to reach the Magnetic North Pole, furthest expedition in Polar history, first expedition to cross all 7 continents, first Antarctic crossing by passenger vehicle and the fastest overland journey to the South Pole. Whether for lifestyle or professional purposes, Arctic Trucks Toyotas conquer environments others simply do not account for, enabling owners and operators worldwide to safely, efficiently and successfully “Explore Without Limits”.

Developed from decades of direct operational experience in the world’s harshest and most challenging environments, the new and improved Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35 is a professionally re-engineered high mobility vehicle, each one individually crafted by Arctic Trucks technicians to incorporate significant enhancements to body, frame, drivetrain, suspension, wheels and tyres. The new 204hp 2.8-litre diesel engine, six-speed automatic transmission and interior/exterior updates are carried over from the standard Hilux Invincible X, making this most refined Arctic Trucks Hilux yet to be offered through the Toyota retailer network. Building on the renowned quality, durability and reliability of the Hilux platform, the ‘cool and capable’ AT35 version is especially developed to handle challenging landscapes with ease, while offering an outstanding presence and authentic performance that is noticed everywhere, whether on or off-road. In combination with Arctic Trucks adjustment, strengthening and reprofiling of the chassis and bodywork, and re-gearing of the front and rear differentials, the specially-developed Arctic Trucks Bilstein performance suspension system, extended rear shackles, and enlarged all-terrain wheel and BFGoodrich tyre package enable far greater ground clearance, articulation, approach, departure and breakover angles.

As a result, the newly updated Hilux AT35 delivers a finely tuned balance of confidence-inspiring on-road handling and dramatically enhanced clearance, comfort, control and mobility over all terrains. The signature Arctic Trucks extended fender flares create additional clearance and amplify the vehicle‘s raised stance, while conveying a dramatic sense of style and purpose. This is complemented by premium Arctic Trucks and AT35 detailing throughout, along with durable extended profile Arctic Trucks side steps, mud guards, car mats and a versatile 2” rear multifunction receiver hitch, enabling quick and easy fitment of tow balls, winches, rear steps, gear carriers and more. All elements of each Hilux AT35 build are undertaken in Arctic Trucks’ own Toyota-approved facilities to original manufacturer standards, maintaining Toyota’s 5-year / 100,000-mile warranty. The model is fully type approved and retains commercial vehicle status, with no compromise in payload or towing capacity.


Each Toyota Hilux AT35 is built to the following specification (additional accessories available):

  • Extended Arctic Trucks fender flare package, front and rear (body colour), featuring recessed AT tyre pressure detail
  • Arctic Trucks re-engineering to frame, inner arches and bodywork
  • Rugged 17×10 ET-25 Arctic Trucks alloy wheels (matte black or hyper dark)
  • 35” (LT315/70 R17) BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tyres
  • Optimised and elevated Arctic Trucks Bilstein performance suspension system featuring front springs/dampers, anti-roll adjustment and rear dampers, with extended Arctic Trucks shackles (elevation: +40mm front / +20mm rear)
  • Upgraded front and rear differentials, for enhanced torque and drivability
  • Speedometer re-calibration
  • Robust extended profile Arctic Trucks side steps
  • Enlarged and strengthened Arctic Trucks mud guards, front and rear
  • Arctic Trucks rear height bar with integrated 2” multifunction receiver hitch
  • Arctic Trucks / AT35 badging and detailing package (doors, side steps, tailgate, wheel centres, mud guards, receiver cover)
  • Arctic Trucks premium car mats, front and rear (anthracite and grey)
  • Arctic Trucks locking wheel nuts
  • Arctic Trucks torque wrench
  • Arctic Trucks user manual
  • Arctic Trucks certificate of authenticity and 30th anniversary decal


A range of fully fitted Arctic Trucks options is also available, including full underbody armour, Vision X grille-mounted light bar and a range of Mountain Top tonneau covers, sports bars and accessories. The tyre specification can be upgraded to BFGoodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain tyres and an on-board inflation/deflation kit can be installed, with a 12V performance compressor mounted in the engine bay.

The Hilux AT35 conversion can be ordered from Toyota retailers now for new Invincible X DC Auto, priced at £18,780 plus VAT.

Contact Carrim Bundhun on +44(0)7884 436 331 / to be introduced to your local dealership.

Reaching The Pole of Inaccessibility – 82°06′S 54°58′Ø

An expedition by Arctic Trucks reached the Pole of Innaccessibility, which holds the record of being the coldest average temperature on earth, -58.2C. The expedition was lead by Hlynur Sigurðsson and Eiður Smári Valsson from Arctic Trucks along with three other companions from Russia. This is a big expedition which aims to be the first in the world to cross Antarctica between Ronne Iceschelf and Nivilisen Iceshelf via South Pole. The POI is put in extra as an extra achievement. Overall the expedition started in Punta Arenas in Chile South America the 3rd January and planned to end in Cape Town South Africa 21st of January.

Arctic Trucks has once before achived reaching Pole of Innaccessibility, this was in January 2011 – photo Gísli Jónsson and Guðmundur Guðjónsson.

The expedition route, starting from Union Glacier on 3rd January, driving to the Ronne Iceshelf and then to South Pole. From South Pole to FD83 around the Clean Air Zone (CZ). From reaching the Point of Inaccessbility (POI), they will drive back to FD83 and continue to Novo and Nivlisen Iceshelf and formally complete this crossing of Antarctica

The story behind this pole says that during the cold war, with the US “occupying” the South Pole, Russia was missing their own important “Pole” so they had their Geologists research what point in Antarctica was the hardest to reach, this being furthest from the sea.

They named this Pole Of Inaccessibility and made a big expedition there ending in 1958 leaving behind a small research station. They came back in 1967 but since then it has not been in use. Now the station has been covered by snow but the statue of Lenin facing Moscow is still visible on the top. Very few people have ever been there since.

This place has the record of holding the lowest average temperature on earth or -58.2C

(FD83 is area for Fuel Drop at 83 degrees, an area where fuel is dropped down in parachutes for servicing flights going between South Pole and Novo).

(The Team!)

The 6×6 AT vehicles have been fitted with the new AT/Nokian 44 inch tyres. This particular car has been driven thousands of km in Antarctica both for science and adventure purpose. Before this season it has crossed Antarctica between Ronne and Ross Iceshelfs with stop at South Pole 10 times.


October 2019 saw Toyota’s first European reveal of the updated Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35, based on the latest H5L platform. This is now available on sale first for UK customers through the Toyota GB dealership network, backed from new with the peace of mind of Toyota’s 5-year / 100,000-mile warranty.

Available on all high-level double cab automatic Hilux grades (UK: Invincible and Invincible X), this latest European variant of the flagship AT35 features a number of newly updated and enhanced features from world-renowned Toyota Authorised specialist converter, Arctic Trucks.

The Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35 has been developed using decades of direct operational experience in some of the harshest and most challenging conditions on our planet. The result is a professionally re-engineered high mobility vehicle incorporating significant enhancements to the body, drivetrain, suspension, wheels, tyres and bodywork. Drawing upon Arctic Trucks’ expedition-proven engineering and ‘large tyre mobility’ concept, the AT35 combines confidence-inspiring on-road handling with supreme clearance, comfort, control and mobility over all terrains.

Building on the legendary quality, durability and reliability of the Toyota Hilux, the AT35 is specially engineered to handle the most challenging landscapes with ease, while offering outstanding presence and performance that is noticed everywhere.


• Widened Arctic Trucks front and rear fender package (body colour)
• Arctic Trucks re-engineered inner arches and bodywork
• Fully optimised and elevated Arctic Trucks Bilstein performance suspension system with extended Arctic Trucks shackles (elevation: +40mm front / +20mm rear)
• Enhanced front and rear differentials, for re-optimised torque and drivability
• Bespoke 17 x 10 ET-25 Arctic Trucks alloy wheels (matte black or hyper dark)
• Upgraded 35” (315/70 R17) all-terrain tyres (alternative all-terrain, mud-terrain or winter tyre options available*)
• Rugged, extended profile Arctic Trucks side steps
• Enlarged and strengthened Arctic Trucks mud guards, front and rear
• Arctic Trucks rear height bar with integrated multifunction 2” receiver hitch
• Distinctive Arctic Trucks / AT35 ‘lava’ badging and detailing package (doors, side steps, tailgate, mud flaps, wheel centres, rear receiver)

Hilux AT35 Conversion: £17,280.00 plus VAT**

* Some tyre options will incur a small price uplift. Pricing will be confirmed at time of order/enquiry

** Pricing effective on all confirmed orders received from Monday 2 December 2019. Onward delivery pricing should be confirmed directly with your local Toyota dealer

AT Accessories

A growing range of Arctic Trucks accessories to suit all variants and grades of Hilux (spanning interior/exterior styling & protection, lighting, safety/utility, towing/load carrying and off-road support) is now available via all UK Toyota dealerships, to further enhance this cool and capable high-mobility Hilux. Contact your local Toyota dealership or Arctic Trucks directly for further information and pricing.


New Toyota Hilux AT35 360O online viewer and image gallery accessible


Arctic Trucks Hilux AT35 vehicle page and image gallery accessible here


Arctic Trucks Accessories and Apparel information and pricing

For an introduction to your nearest Toyota dealership or for further information, please contact:
01926 937222

Nissan’s Navara AT32 – Press Release

Take It To Extremes

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PARIS, France (Jan. 27, 2020) – Nissan has unveiled the newly updated version of its toughest Navara yet – the OFF-ROADER AT32. Building on the success of the previous limited edition and growing the #GoAnywhere capabilities of the Navara, the refreshed model has been manufactured to be more efficient and better to drive, without compromising its class-leading off-road ability.

Created through an ongoing partnership between Nissan and world-famous Icelandic off-road experts Arctic Trucks, the updated Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 uses full underbody shielding which has been upgraded to a lightweight aluminium material. The improved shape ensures a more comprehensive protection of underbody components. The Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 is ready to handle the most challenging landscapes and adventures.

In addition, new 31.6′ Nokian tyres have been fitted. This improves fuel economy and emissions, and enhances on-road handling without compromising its off-road ability. The special satin black alloy wheels are fitted with dual valves to allow the fast and accurate adjustment of tyre pressure when moving between different terrains.

Other key features carried over from the previous Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 include bespoke all-terrain wheel arch extensions and all-terrain optimised Bilstein performance suspension. The model is also finished off with special badging on the front wings, arch extensions, side steps, wheel centres, tailgate and mud guards, continued from the last updates.

For owners who need to venture even further off the beaten track, optional accessories include an electronic lock for the front differential to boost traction in extreme conditions. An air intake snorkel is also available, which increases the Navara’s maximum wading depth to a massive 800mm.

Despite its off-road prowess, the Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 keeps the advanced on-board technologies from the N-Guard model on which it is based, including Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, Intelligent Emergency Braking and Intelligent Around View Monitor.

“The Nissan Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 was a sell-out success and proved incredibly popular with adventurers seeking elegance and toughness,” said Manuel BURDIEL, General Manager Europe, LCV Sales and Business Development. “We have upgraded the OFF-ROADER AT32 so it can maintain its position as the ultimate Navara while bringing new efficiency and becoming fully WLTP compliant. It’s the perfect blend of in-car technology, comfort and extreme off-road performance.”

The Nissan Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 on sale now

4X4 Magazine, March’20 The NEW Nissan Navara OFF-ROADER AT32


The NEW Nissan

The Off-Roader AT32 built by Arctic Trucks returns to Nissan Navara range

4X4 Magazine, March 2020 – Nissan has reintroduced the Off-Roader AT32 to its Navara line-up – with an improved and more efficient model based on the revised version of our reigning Double-Cab of the Year. Adapted ahead of registration by Arctic Trucks, the AT32 is offered as a full showroom model – meaning it comes with the same warranty and breakdown cover as the rest of the Navara range and can be insured as a standard vehicle. Though its 32” tyres are less overwhelmingly massive than those on Arctic Trucks’ AT35 conversion, we felt that the previous model’s narrower track meant it was better suited to British off-road conditions – and Nissan says the new one will be better still.

Like the previous model, the AT32 features lifted suspension – now using performance springs and shocks from Bilstein. This makes space for the revised Nokian all-terrains, which are housed beneath bespoke wheelarch extensions.

Read the full arcticle

Manuel Burdiel, general manager Europe for LCV sales and business development at Nissan, said:

“We have upgraded the Off-Roader AT32 so it can maintain its position as the ultimate Navara while bringing new efficiency and becoming fully WLTP compliant. It’s the perfect blend of in-car technology, comfort and extreme off-road performance.”

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