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June 2021


Having grown up in the countryside living on a farm, also living, working, studying agriculture in the USA I have developed a number of passions. Namely and in no particular order, Off roading, Overlanding, camping, Big machinery operating, BBQ and food. So when early in 2017 I happened to be driving through my local town I spotted an Isuzu Pickup with oversized tyres thundering down the road in the other direction my interest was perked. It wasn’t till the next day that I saw the same vehicle parked outside the Isuzu dealer, I had to pull in and enquire. This was my first introduction to Arctic Trucks UK. A quick test drive ensued and soon after I had placed and order for the Isuzu d-max AT35. At the time of order Arctic trucks Uk where not producing the Toyota models. My passion for food and BBQ continues as I own a food manufacturing business producing some of the finest Scottish traditional meat products, however with the arrival of the AT35 I could pursue some of my other passions. I of course went whole hog straight away kitting out the AT. Front A frame, Lazer lights, underbody protection, front 2” receiver, roll bar, roller shutter bed cover, tow bar, replacement tube side steps, etc.

It wasn’t long though before I realised that some of the extras just weren’t going to suffice for my overlanding, camping and off roading. So a RSI Smart canopy was ordered and off came the roll bar and roller bed cover. Also off came the A frame on the front as I kept knocking it whilst off-roading.. The lazer lamps were moved to inside the grill. Along with the canopy came the two Frontrunner roof racks to carry all the gear. A winch on a portable winch plate was added so I could winch from the front or back utilising the 2” receiver mounts. Power for this is fitted to front and back by the additions of Anderson plugs next to the 2” receivers. A spare tyre was then added, although I do have a mounted ARB air compressor and repair kit. Eventually the spare tyre will be carried on a swing away rear bumper mount. Along with a new front bumper incorporating recovery points once I can get one to match up to the correct width of the AT.

I have an auxiliary portable AGM 12v battery box in the bed of the truck charged through a Ctek Dc-Dc charger, that is used to power the portable diesel heater and any auxiliary electrical requirements. There is a lot more equipment in the vehicle but tom much to list. I have found however that all this extra gear added up to quite a weight so the rear leaf springs I have uprated to heavy duty ones. So all in all the truck is my toy, work horse, daily driver and adventure overlander. I may eventually finish it off, but like all things it will probably be a work in progress project. It does everything I want it too and more. Being a member of COTAG (community 4×4 response) I could do with some diff locks, but these are for a later date.